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Nomination Categories and Groups

Building Surveyor Awards 2021

is open for nomination under the following categories. Please click the below button for online nomination.

There are 3 groups in each category. A winner will be granted for each group of every category. A maximum of 9 awards will be granted. A Grand Award will be granted to one of the winning projects of all categories.

Three special awards including Sustainability Award, Value Enhancement Award and Community Caring Award will be granted to the highest scores in respective items of the shortlisted projects of all categories.

The completion date of the nominated projects should be in the period between 1 April 2016 and 26 February 2021. No partially completed project would be accepted.   

Definition for the 3 Categories

1. New Development

Projects involve new development / redevelopment & infrastructure. A&A Works of existing buildings are NOT included in this category. 

2. A&A and Conversion 

Projects involve alteration, addition or change in use of existing buildings. 

3. Maintenance and Rehabilitation 

Projects involve maintenance & repair, refurbishment or rehabilitation of existing buildings. The use of existing buildings will remain unchanged under this category. 

Definition for the 3 Groups

a) Client / Client’s Representative

Project teams under this group shall include the in-house professional teams of clients/ developers or project management consultants with substantial contributions by professional building surveyors and who assume the control and supervision over a project on behalf of clients.

b) Consultant

Project teams under this group shall include those providing consultancy services with substantial contributions by professional building surveyors in design aspects, authorised person’s capacity, etc. It excludes those project management consultants who should be included in the group for Client’s Representative.  

c) Contractor

Project teams under this group should include those with substantial contributions by professional building surveyors in construction companies. 

Assessment Criteria

Written Submission and Site Visit

a) Expertise of Building Surveyors

  • Leading role of Building Surveyors in the project
  • Use of professional expertise relevant to the Building Surveying discipline in meeting the project objectives and achieving a quality result

b) Design

  • Design approaches adopted for delivering a better outcome / result in terms of functions, quality, buildability and maintainability
  • Major design or innovative inputs
  • Site planning, neighbourhood and cityscape considerations
  • Solutions for challenges 

c) Project Management

  • Project management and organisation, and integration
  • Effective coordination of skill sets among members of the project team and with stakeholders
  • Time management
  • Quality management
  • Budget management

d) Contractor Practice (For Contractor Group Only)

  • Occupational safety and health management
  • Site planning
  • Waste management
  • Supply chain management
  • Caring for workers
  • Innovative technology application

e) Sustainability

  • Building passive design
  • Adoption of sustainability strategy or design in relation to energy, waste, water or IAQ issues etc.

f) Value Management

  • Measurement of value enhancement (in qualitative and/or quantitative analysis)
  • Recognition from stakeholders, communities and professional institutions

g) Community Caring

  • Fulfilment of social responsibility
  • Community benefits/public gains
  • Being considerate of the neighbourhood


  • Strengths of the project
  • Key project’s achievements
  • Any special features or highlights etc.

a) The Final Score in the assessment shall include the scores of written submissions, site visit and presentation. Written submission and site visit will take up 75%, whilst presentation will take up 25% of the Final Score.
b) In order to perform well, applicants are strongly advised to submit presentation materials based specifically on the above assessment criteria.


  1. The completion date of the nominated projects should be in the period between 1 April 2016 and 26 February 2021. No partially completed project would be accepted.

  2. Only project that has never been nominated in the past BSA shall be accepted.

  3. Nominated projects must be within the territorial limit of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

  4. There is no limitation in size or cost for the nominated projects.

  5. Each company / project team can submit more than one nomination for different projects.

  6. As the Awards are to give recognition to Building Surveyors’ roles in different professional capacities, nominations under different groups may be submitted for each project.

  7. Applicant is required to submit supporting documents such as an organisation chart to demonstrate the leading role/substantial involvement of the applicant’s Building Surveyor in the project.

  8. Nomination by individuals would not be accepted.

  9. Organiser reserves the rights to request the company / project team to submit the Occupation Permits (OP or Phased OP), acknowledgement letters or certificates to prove that the nominated projects are practically completed.

  10. Applicants are required to get the authorisation from the clients / developers for submitting the entry.

Jury Panel

New Development

Jury Panel Chairman

Mrs Sylvia LAM, JP

Ex-Director of Architectural Services, Architectural Services Department, HKSARG

Jury Panel Member

Sr CHAN Ka-kui, SBS, JP

Construction Industry Council

Jury Panel Member

Cr Eddie LAM

President, Hong Kong Construction Association

Jury Panel Member

Mr Stephen K M LEUNG

Deputy Director (Development and Construction),
Housing Department

A&A and Conversion

Jury Panel Chairman

Mr YU Tak-cheung, JP

Director of Buildings, Buildings Department, HKSARG

Jury Panel Member

Mr Walter CHAN Kar-lok, SBS, JP

Hong Kong Housing Society

Jury Panel Member

Mr CHEUNG Hau-wai, SBS

Hong Kong Green Building Council

Jury Panel Member

Sr Amelia FOK

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors -
Quantity Surveying Division

Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Jury Panel Chairman

Ir WAI Chi-sing, GBS, JP, FHKEng

Managing Director, Urban Renewal Authority

Jury Panel Member

Mr CHUA Hoi-wai, JP

Chief Executive,
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Jury Panel Member

Sr Prof HO Chi-wing, Daniel

Professor and Associate Dean,
Faculty of Design and Environment, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

Jury Panel Member

Sr Billy WONG

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors -
Building Surveying Division

How to Apply

1. Online Nomination

Click here to submit online nomination form.

2. Nomination Payment

A crossed cheque made payable to “Surveyors Services Limited” and deliver it to the following address of the Building Surveyor Awards 2021 Secretariat Office within 2 weeks after the submission of nomination.

Secretariat Office of BSA 2021
Attn: Ms Christina CHAN
Rm1807, 18/F, Fook Yip Building,
No.53 - 57 Kwai Fung Crescent,
Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

3. Online Submission

  • Please submit following itemised documents in the form of ONE .zip file and upload the zip file via online submission link. The link will be provided in the nomination form or acknowledgement email.
    Item 1: duly completed and signed submission form (provided in the nomination form or acknowledgement email)
    Item 2: duly completed project team details
    Item 3: technical presentation materials (maximum of 8 pages) to describe the project in response to the respective list of assessment criteria.
  • Items 1 & 2 above in “jpg” or “pdf” format. Item 3 in “pdf” or “jpg” or “tiff” format and the image resolution is no less than 350dpi
  • For resubmission, full set of itemised documents in ONE .zip file should be uploaded via online submission link by the submission deadline.

* Hard copies of the required materials shall be submitted if so required by the organiser.

1. All submission should be written in English. [supplement with Chinese content if required]
2. All the materials will not be returned to the applicant after submission.
3. BSA 2021 Organising Committee reserves the right to reproduce, print, and/or publish the materials submitted in either paper, electronic or other formats, or for any use in association with BSA.
4. The information obtained will be used for BSA only.
5. Applicants are required to submit a form for withdrawal of application. Such form will be provided by the Building Surveyor Awards 2021 Secretariat Office if so requested.  

Nomination Fee

  • HK$4,000 will be collected for each nominated project.
  • An early-bird discount of 25% on nomination fee (i.e.HK$3,000) will be offered for each nominated project submitted on or before 23:59 on 18 December 2020, Friday.
  • Nomination fee is non-refundable once the nomination is submitted. Nomination fee must be made by a crossed cheque and made payable to “Surveyors Services Limited”.


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